Magic Travel Solution

Single Platform
for small and big tour operators

1 universal system
95 tour operators
9000 users
1500000 PAX yearly
1 universal system
9000 users
95 tour operators
1500000 PAX yearly

Scalable and customizable

We can tailor the scale and features of the system to your needs. Extending it does not require complex programming. As your business grows, we gradually deploy already existing features, tools or licenses.

A wide range of features and modules

Ten years of experience in the field of tourism and having served nearly 100 customers means that we have catered to all sorts of requirements. We have recast the vast majority of them into universally applicable features.

We focus on what differentiates you.

We keep in mind that every tour operator strives to be exceptional among the competition. We promote your uniqueness by setting up your business processes, website and other media.

Deep knowledge of the tourism industry

The many years we have been active in tourism, our numerous customers and the composition of our team guarantee our deep understanding of the field. Many members of our team have worked for tour operators or retail agents.

Excellent Support

We are conscious of the fact that the product is only one part of the overall success. It is essential that you learn how to use it, that we support you in doing so and that you are able to modify your product throughout its life cycle.

Multilingual retail on several markets

Central purchasing purchase and resale on several markets and in many languages is the fundamental advantage of our versatile solution. Penetrating new markets has never been easier.

Magicware is the best solution for your effective travel business!

Join our satisfied customers and gain market advantage. For more information about a solution that is right for you, please contact us.

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